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About Us

92 Thing

An homage to a famed era of Bristol’s sonic underground - and the inception of the singular artistic vision that is Eli Brown - 92 Thing captures the audacious spirit and style of 1992’s rave scene. With the techno force at its helm, 92 Thing will come to life as a tangible, effortlessly cool connection to the rebellious innovation of 1992's electronic revolution, offering a piece of prolific music history woven into the fabric of each garment. "92 Things" is not just a clothing label; it's a legacy.

Akin to Eli Brown’s non-conformist approach to music production, the collection is poised to transcend the conventional approach to artist merchandising through a hypebeast inspired lens. An apparel and lifestyle brand at its core, 92 Thing will blend modern fashion, nostalgic touches and the exclusivity of streetwear culture to offer a covetable range of styles that will be released in limited quantities throughout the year.


Eli Brown

“I’ve never been one to follow the status quo as I find it to be quite boring - In everything I create, I try to find ways to set myself apart from industry standards and break some boundaries along the way,” said Eli Brown. “I could have gone the traditional merch route, but that just isn’t me. To launch a streetwear collection that embodies my style and captures the essence of the origins that made me into the artist I am today feels like the most authentic way I can connect with my fans. My career was literally born in 1992 in the shadows of Bristol’s underground music scene; acid house was in its infancy...hardcore was growing...the dance fabric of the UK had really begun. It was a 92 thing, a time of resistance and rebellion, one which continues to inform my production to this day. This brand is meant to encapsulate that spirit in a new, exciting way and I can’t wait to share this new project with music lovers and style savants alike.” 


Premium streetwear by Eli Brown